enmeshed / ɛnˈmɛʃ /


enmeshed 的定义

v. 有主动词 verb
  1. to catch, as in a net; entangle: He was enmeshed by financial difficulties.

enmeshed 近义词

v. 动词 verb

involve in a situation


  1. Though he mugged a bit for the camera, Xiao Qi Ji eventually ignored legions of online fans to enmesh himself fully in the sweet potato, smearing it all over a toy and himself.
  2. They’re enmeshed in so many different algorithms that are barring them from basic services.
  3. My wife’s company is more fully enmeshed in Microsoft’s ecosystem, and her MyAnalytics report and related app tweaks are even more useful than mine.
  4. Once she became enmeshed in the acting world, she turned to some timeless Hollywood icons for sartorial guidance.
  5. Desperate for campaign cash, the Democratic Party has since the 1980s become deeply enmeshed with the finance industry.
  6. She explored the notions of purity and virginity and how they are enmeshed with contracts, property and individual rights.
  7. He's enmeshed in a scheme that could send him to jail and cost him the love of Lenka.
  8. The 42nd president was enmeshed in two other State of the Union dramas.
  9. And as he stood enmeshed in its sinister thraldom, he thought he again saw her rise and point an accusing finger at him.
  10. When people begin to handle red tape, there is always a chance that they get enmeshed in its voluminous tangles.
  11. Had he not vowed to himself that no matter what mysteries encompassed and enmeshed her, he would believe and never doubt?
  12. She awoke screaming, to find herself enmeshed in the mosquito bar.
  13. But events had enmeshed him; circumstances had proved fatal.