dignify / ˈdɪg nəˌfaɪ /


dignify 的定义

v. 有主动词 verb

dig·ni·fied, dig·ni·fy·ing.

  1. to confer honor or dignity upon; honor; ennoble.
  2. to give a high-sounding title or name to; confer unmerited distinction upon: to dignify pedantry by calling it scholarship.

dignify 近义词

v. 动词 verb

make honorable; glorify


  1. It began to feel imperative that I tell their stories as bluntly and factually as possible, as a way to honor their lives and dignify their deaths and disappearances.
  2. So, sure, you can wear the bracelet and mislead his family into spending their money on things you don’t want, or you can refuse to dignify pouting and return it.
  3. On the other hand, many people believe it is important to dignify official government business with a prayer.
  4. The tactic—you can't dignify it by calling it strategy—may finally backfire.
  5. It is thus that they dignify human nature and glorify human effort, and bring to those who struggle hope and trust.
  6. She seemed to dignify with her presence whatever happened to be going on, and made it worth while.
  7. Such a mode of proceeding costs us little, but tends much to dignify and exalt us.
  8. Incidentally teachers themselves, by thinking more nobly of their tasks, can do much to dignify their calling.
  9. The bearing of the new Abbot served of itself to dignify a ceremonial which was deprived of all other attributes of grandeur.