back country


back country 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a sparsely populated rural region remote from a settled area.
  2. Australian. a remote, undeveloped part of a large farm or cattle station.

back country 近义词

n. 名词 noun

undeveloped rural area

更多back country例句

  1. In that country at that moment, the Catholics have practically disappeared.
  2. Think back to the Bush-Kerry race of 2004, the Thrilla in Vanilla.
  3. Back in New York, the slow pace and inward focus of her yoga practice was less fulfilling.
  4. Music is a huge part of the tone of Black Dynamite overall—going back to the original 2009 movie on which the series is based.
  5. The al Qaeda-linked gunmen shot back, but only managed to injure one officer before they were taken out.
  6. I waited three months more, in great impatience, then sent him back to the same post, to see if there might be a reply.
  7. Ages back—let musty geologists tell us how long ago—'twas a lake, larger than the Lake of Geneva.
  8. The country is well inhabited, for it contains fifty-one cities, near a hundred walled towns, and a great number of villages.
  9. The boys were tumbling about, clinging to his legs, imploring that numerous things be brought back to them.
  10. With a suffocating gasp, she fell back into the chair on which she sat, and covered her face with her hands.