astern / əˈstɜrn /


astern 的定义

adv. 副词 adverb
  1. in a position behind a specified vessel or aircraft: The cutter was following close astern.
  2. in a backward direction: The steamer went astern at half speed.

astern 近义词

adv. 副词 adverb


astern 的近义词 4
astern 的反义词 1


  1. Boat after boat came up and made fast astern of the dandy vessel, and soon the decks were crowded with merry groups.
  2. His boat was astern, so he jumped over the counter and sculled himself straight to the Mission smack.
  3. The patrol-ship was on station; she was lost far astern before she could gather speed for pursuit.
  4. He had stood thus for some time, when turning round, and looking astern, the cutter was no longer to be seen.
  5. Then a wave would come aboard astern, rolling in and nearly filling the cockpit.