animal / ˈæn ə məl /


animal2 个定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. any member of the kingdom Animalia, comprising multicellular organisms that have a well-defined shape and usually limited growth, can move voluntarily, actively acquire food and digest it internally, and have sensory and nervous systems that allow them to respond rapidly to stimuli: some classification schemes also include protozoa and certain other single-celled eukaryotes that have motility and animallike nutritional modes.
  2. any such living thing other than a human being.
  3. a mammal, as opposed to a fish, bird, etc.
adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. of, relating to, or derived from animals: animal instincts; animal fats.
  2. pertaining to the physical, sensual, or carnal nature of humans, rather than their spiritual or intellectual nature: animal needs.

animal 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective

beastlike; carnal

n. 名词 noun

animate being; mammal


  1. Although humans might have hunted at the lake, the researchers found no stone tools or animal bones bearing butchery marks.
  2. It was a forest that had persisted for more than 100 million years, sheltering a dizzying abundance of plants, animals, and fungi that were found nowhere else on Earth.
  3. With that coupling, you also get 693 phase-detect autofocus points to enable face tracking for both people and animals.
  4. They’re also a key food source for bigger animals like bears and whales.
  5. Species ranged in size from smaller, doggish animals to somewhat cowlike creatures.
  6. He then provides some insight into his psyche - complete with Animal House reference.
  7. Although the NFL party animal loves flaunting his washboard abs, he seems more fratboy than Fabio.
  8. This is acting in every sense of the word—bringing an unevolved animal to life and making it utterly believable.
  9. Not sure if you noticed, but 2014 has been a banner year for animal robots.
  10. A 64-year-old animal trainer, he makes the six-hour round-trip every two weeks to submit to her and explore his sexuality.
  11. In pursuing his alchemical researches, he discovered Prussian blue, and the animal oil which bears his name.
  12. Both animal and man seemed to be dozing, but they woke into activity when the sahib approached.
  13. A girl was moved to pity by a picture of a lamb caught in a thicket, and tried to lift the branch that lay across the animal.
  14. The impulse to study appearances appears to reach far down in animal life.
  15. Sometimes the animal was caught in a trap which was nothing less than a hut of logs with a single entrance.