tangled / ˈtæŋ gəld /


tangled 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. snarled, interlaced, or mixed up: tangled thread.
  2. very complicated, intricate, or involved: tangled bureaucratic procedures.

tangled 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective


adj. 形容词 adjective



  1. This pick also offers a convenient universal charging dock and 10W wireless charger, which saves valuable space that would otherwise be taken up by tangled cords.
  2. The Hay Creek Fire had ignited two days earlier, on July 21, when a bolt of lightning sizzled into the tangled, rainless forest of the Whitefish Range in northwestern Montana.
  3. Clear away debris and leaves without the hassle of a tangled cord or short battery life.
  4. Unit 111, with a patio overlooking the pool and a large living area Sara filled with flowers, had vanished in a tangled heap of concrete, metal and glass.
  5. I trust the Distance FLZ to help me navigate loose rock, tangled roots, and ever changing terrain.
  6. The relationships, and motivations of their chief participants, are as tangled and shady as you expect of the super-rich.
  7. He acquired $1 billion worth of art and tangled scandalously with the authorities.
  8. The drain clogs in the shower every few days, and the clump of tangled brown hair is springy between my fingers.
  9. Palmer is, of course, just as tangled up, as human, as everybody else--and he knows it.
  10. The wild-eyed young man had hopelessly tangled hair and wore rumpled baby-blue scrubs.
  11. Once the rope got tangled around Squinty's foot, and he jumped over it to get free.
  12. Our nicely worked out system for supplying the troops has in a moment been tangled up into a hundred knotty problems.
  13. The sunken eyes, the tangled masses of raven hair, the look of exhaustion and hopeless woe.
  14. The pack-horses, with no riders at their heels to guide them, had tangled each other in the connecting-rope and stopped.
  15. It was a tangled trail that Kip Burland followed that night, shadowing that man who wore a telegraph messenger's costume.