spare tire


spare tire 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a tire used or kept available as an emergency replacement on a vehicle.
  2. Informal. excess fat around the waistline.

spare tire 近义词

n. 名词 noun

extra fat around waistline

更多spare tire例句

  1. The truck’s full-size spare tire stows in a bin beneath the bed.
  2. Inside the engine compartment, underneath the spare tire in the trunk, and any junctures where the car is put together might accumulate outside trash that doesn’t belong.
  3. It’s gonna help us get by, but if we think that we can try to drive with a spare tire for too long, the car is going to break down somewhere else.
  4. The well where your spare tire lives is perfect for a small battery or nonessential gear.
  5. If the idea of a religious vigilante ambushing sex workers in his spare time sets off alarm bells, it probably should.
  6. Who knew explaining how to change a tire and back out of a ditch could be so seductive?
  7. After a tire-puncturing spree in late October, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was shot dead by a police officer in Chicago.
  8. The group encompasses Byrne's art-rock solitariness and the dissociation effects in the spare—somewhat Godardian—staging.
  9. We met on the third floor of a shabby building in Asadabad in an impossibly spare room that we dragged cushions into.
  10. There seems something in that also which I could spare only very reluctantly from a new Bible in the world.
  11. He threw himself on his knees, begging us, in the name of God and all the saints, to spare his life.
  12. Harry took his bed into the spare-room, and Black Sheep lay down to die.
  13. You may rest assured that I will spare no time or attention to promote the performance of this engine.
  14. I assure you that it is as I say—neither at the post-house nor at any of the inns I visited could I find me a spare horse.