pullback / ˈpʊlˌbæk /


pullback 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act of pulling back, especially a retreat or a strategic withdrawal of troops; pullout.
  2. that which pulls something back or impedes its forward movement.
  3. Machinery. a device for pulling a moving part to its original position.

pullback 近义词

n. 名词 noun



  1. We should definitely see a pullback, but the magnitude is probably lesser.
  2. While growth stocks are flying again, there’s been a pullback in gold and Treasurys.
  3. If that wasn’t the case, the recent pullback in stocks would be much more severe, he said.
  4. While it won’t be business as usual anytime soon, cuts, pullbacks and cancellations to media spending over the next three months won’t be as drastic as they have been.
  5. That could lead to a pullback in consumer and business spending and then another round of layoffs, compounding problems further.
  6. Even a modest hit from sanctions or pullback by foreign investors will only add to that downward spiral.
  7. Missile strikes from warplanes and helicopter gunships and tank shelling made the pullback necessary, he says.
  8. Commanders insist the move is a tactical pullback, but fighters are unnerved as the government intensifies its Aleppo offensive.
  9. Others foresaw bloodshed between supporters of rival political parties, and cast a wary eye to a pullback of police.