pocket calculator


pocket calculator 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an electronic calculator small enough to be carried on one's person.

pocket calculator 近义词

pocket calculator

等同于 adding machine

更多pocket calculator例句

  1. I was already over forty, had hardly a nickel in my pocket and this was the biggest break in my life.
  2. It had a wide brim and a tall crown, which created an insulated pocket of air and could also be used to carry water.
  3. This leaves thousands of women at companies across the United States left to pay out of pocket for their birth control.
  4. One African American woman brandished a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution while marching.
  5. Being dapper is all about attention to detail, like sporting a perfectly tucked handkerchief in your suit pocket.
  6. The young man smiled at the girl, as he crushed up the notes and stuffed them into his pocket.
  7. Down in his galleries and chambers where it was dark as a pocket Grandfather Mole enjoyed himself thoroughly.
  8. Absently his hands wandered through the pockets, and found his purse and the money in an outside pocket.
  9. “Of course we know it, sir,” rejoined Fogg, slapping his pocket—perhaps by accident.
  10. Thinking it was a request for employment which he could not offer, Malcolm stuffed it carelessly into a pocket.