parish / ˈpær ɪʃ /


parish 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an ecclesiastical district having its own church and member of the clergy.
  2. a local church with its field of activity.
  3. a county.
  4. the people of an ecclesiastical or civil parish.
  5. Curling. house.

parish 近义词

n. 名词 noun

congregation of a church


  1. The United States goes to the polls in more than 3,000 counties, parishes, and boroughs.
  2. While modern evangelical churches have broadcast systems that would put most local PBS stations to shame, our 250-year-old country parish only recently had air-conditioning installed.
  3. Evacuation orders have been issued for many parishes in Louisiana, including Calcasieu Parish where Lake Charles is located.
  4. LeBlanc’s son moved his family to a farm farther away from chemical plants in the parish because of his concern about air pollution, and his mother is moving there soon.
  5. Then, after Hurricane Katrina slammed into Louisiana in 2005, the parish began to adopt a new identity.
  6. Church bells pealed from St. Catherine of Siena parish one block away.
  7. According to Wahlberg, his time in prison, as well as the guidance of a parish priest, helped him turn his life around.
  8. Despite the multiple warnings, Bishop Finn chose to leave Ratigan in place in the parish.
  9. He claimed to be related to a quarter of the voters in Iberia Parish—sometimes to a full half of them.
  10. The parish priest Father Michele Iacono, dressed in purple vestments, blessed the bodies and performed last rights en masse.
  11. In the parish churches, many of which are of great interest, the predominant styles are Decorated and Perpendicular.
  12. The taxes whether public, county, or parish, were payable in tobacco.
  13. These residents then killed the parish priest, and without arms fled for safety to the mountain ravines.
  14. A pretty boy of seven or eight years of age is chosen by each parish.
  15. Her visitors took their leave, to spread the report over the village and parish of King's Warren.