menacing / ˈmɛn ɪ sɪŋ /


menacing 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. expressing or serving as a menace or threat: his menacing glare;menacing language.

menacing 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective

intimidating, ominous


  1. The franchise adds some intriguing new faces—Ana de Armas, who previously partnered with Craig in Knives Out—and Rami Malek, who plays the menacing villain Safin.
  2. The real estate agent alleged that the woman had also become a menacing presence in the neighborhood.
  3. It was illustrated with a cartoon picture of a menacing Muslim man with a beard and prayer cap, beside a picture of a crying Hindu woman.
  4. Like the story, Jessica Hung Han Yun’s lighting design becomes increasingly menacing as things move along.
  5. The Ganges swells after monsoons that stretch from July to September and has a menacing look today, so people are avoiding it.
  6. Two menacing Fargo-esque figures show up to complicate things.
  7. But the moment suggests to him that if he is awake, then his reality is truly stranger and more menacing than he ever imagined.
  8. And many of my Sikh friends have shared with me a history of racial slurs and menacing stares they have endured over the years.
  9. But an island any less menacing would fail to breed a villain who could hope to spar with James Bond.
  10. But it will take a lot more than castrating one menacing tantric to turn the tide.
  11. He saw the Theban Hills rolling their dark, menacing wave along the far horizon.
  12. A black, menacing wall that rose before us suddenly resolved itself into a grove of trees, great four-foot cottonwoods.
  13. It was like a child's drawing of a human eye, round, staring, and at the same time infinitely menacing.
  14. And hardly a degree less menacing is this gigantic octapus of labor unionism—of inexcusable socialism.
  15. She was about to proceed in this somewhat menacing manner, but the captain sprang up, excited, and red in the face.