layout / ˈleɪˌaʊt /


layout 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an arrangement or plan: We objected to the layout of the house.
  2. the act of laying or spreading out.
  3. a plan or sketch, as of an advertisement or a page of a newspaper or magazine, indicating the arrangement and relationship of the parts, as of type and artwork.
  4. the technique, process, or occupation of making layouts.
  5. Journalism. spread.
  6. Informal. a place, as of residence or business, and the features that go with it; a setup: a fancy layout with a swimming pool and a tennis court.
  7. Informal. a display or spread, as of dishes at a meal.
  8. a collection or set of tools, implements, or the like.
  9. Cards. an arrangement of cards dealt according to a given pattern, as in solitaire.
  10. Diving, Gymnastics. a body position in which one is fully extended and arched backward, with the legs together and straight, the head thrown back, and the arms extended sideways.Compare pike, tuck.

layout 近义词

n. 名词 noun

physical arrangement


  1. Specifically, how fast it loads, how soon it becomes interactive, and how stable the layout is.
  2. Chips that use its code and its layouts are in everything from factory equipment to home electronics.
  3. This is done by analyzing the users and then creating logos and even designing complete layouts for a website after checking the relevance of different objects to be created with the help of their cognitive abilities.
  4. These AI-powered systems possess also the ability to categorize the website into a specific category and then choose suitable color combinations, backgrounds, font styles, and the overall layout of the websites.
  5. Other partner companies could include global consulting firms, specialists in human resources and diversity and inclusion, even designers who are thinking about the future role and physical layout of the office.
  6. They also take up a ton of room and might screw with an office layout.
  7. Once we like the story, then we break it down into individual shots and layout, then we shoot the boy and render it all out.
  8. There were times when they would bring me up there and I would try the layout out.
  9. The Met ended up with throngs packing into an exhibition whose layout had been designed for much smaller numbers.
  10. But this is more, this comes closer, to the appearance, the layout, and the ease.
  11. So when she clears up a little along towards noon, these three takes a packadero layout an' starts, presumable for Medicine Lodge.
  12. An' I'm here t' declare that it's plumb foolish t' mix things with that layout till we can see t' shoot tolerable straight.
  13. He still had only the haziest idea of the layout of the ship.
  14. During his weeks of freedom Larry had unconsciously studied the layout of the neighborhood, his old instincts at work.
  15. There has been a suggestion that this book may have been self-published; the style and layout are not necessarily consistent.