friar / ˈfraɪ ər /


friar 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. Roman Catholic Church. a member of a religious order, especially the mendicant orders of Franciscans, Dominicans, Carmelites, and Augustinians.
  2. Printing. a blank or light area on a printed page caused by uneven inking of the plate or type.Compare monk.

friar 近义词


等同于 priest


等同于 abbot

friar 的近义词 4

等同于 monk


  1. His first theater role was as Friar Laurence in a UVA production of Romeo and Juliet.
  2. He wore the hooded brown habit and sandals of a Franciscan Capuchin friar.
  3. A man in a knit cap called out to the friar on duty, Father Paul Lostritto.
  4. Romney is like the sheriff of Nottingham: all castle, no conviction; which makes Newt Gingrich the earthy Friar Tuck.
  5. But that kid from Podunk, now unloading freight at the big-box store, is a universe away from Oxford and a Capuchin friar buddy.
  6. It is also thought that the book was written by a Franciscan friar for the use of some one in a Benedictine house.
  7. It is only,” replies the friar, “to grace and adorn my speech; it is the colour of a Ciceronian rhetoric.
  8. A sharp eye was kept on all arrivals from abroad, and a friar, fresh from Portugal, was hanged in his cowl at Limerick.
  9. He did not fare so badly either, for being plump and rosy he was allowed to personate the jolly Friar Tuck.
  10. Then they had tea in the friar's cell, and afterwards Michael set out to walk back to St. Antoine.