earnestness / ˈɜr nɪst nɪs /


earnestness 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. seriousness and zeal in intention, purpose, or effort: Socrates was a man of great moral earnestness, and exemplified in his own life some of the noblest virtues.
  2. depth and sincerity of feeling: Speak with conviction and earnestness, and the people watching and listening will believe you.

earnestness 近义词

n. 名词 noun

determination; seriousness


  1. The final decision rests with states, which have been planning in earnest in recent weeks to get shots into arms.
  2. Those spending negotiations are expected to begin in earnest this week as lawmakers work to cobble together a massive package wrapping up the 12 annual must-pass spending bills that fund government agencies.
  3. His “Take Me, I Love You” borrows Madison Avenue’s tools to make a pitch that’s earnest and even cosmic.
  4. Target is taking that one step further by setting up an online reservation system to allow people to get dibs on a spot in a line before leaving their homes on busy shopping days in the holiday season, which is getting started in earnest now.
  5. Stimulus talks might be bogged down, but investors are getting excited for earnings season, which kicks off in earnest tomorrow.
  6. “That earnestness in the vulnerability that Marcel has, I think maybe it leaks into a lot of my work,” she says.
  7. As one of his first questions, Fallon asked Mandel in all earnestness if Mandel had any talent.
  8. That bold earnestness is what makes Israelis love him and at the same time terrifies American Jews.
  9. Ryan exuded Midwestern earnestness when Romney picked him, and the press gushed over his P90X workout regimen.
  10. We do not doubt the kindness in their hearts nor the earnestness of their intentions.
  11. Finding him awake, he sat by his side and, with the earnestness of a nursery-maid, patted him off to slumber.
  12. Lettice raised herself suddenly on her elbow and looked down at him with earnestness.
  13. He spoke with an animation and earnestness that gave an exaggerated importance to every syllable he uttered.
  14. She seemed to speak the truth; her countenance was white and agitated, and she trembled with very earnestness.
  15. Poor Queeker said this and shook hands with as much earnestness as if he had not seen Katie for five years.