deliverance / dɪˈlɪv ər əns /


deliverance 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an act or instance of delivering.
  2. salvation.
  3. liberation.
  4. a thought or judgment expressed; a formal or authoritative pronouncement.

deliverance 近义词

n. 名词 noun


deliverance 的近义词 10
deliverance 的反义词 1


  1. When the ragtag company finally reaches the castle, the young lady needing deliverance turns out to be — surely you saw this coming — the very one whose gown Marsac nearly trod on.
  2. Although I do take great pride in the latter, nothing comes close to providing me the solace, sometimes even deliverance, as some of my flights into the corner realms of theoretical physics.
  3. His deliverance from this nightmare flew less than two hundred feet above him.
  4. But the deliverance and liberation that has been longed for by Jews and Christians has proven to be an elusive thing.
  5. But for some teens ISIS seems to symbolize power and purpose, a great drama promising deliverance from the humdrum.
  6. The Queen of Sweden led 6,000 peasants to prayer at a cathedral for deliverance.
  7. The informal church, operating out of trailer homes and storefronts, refers to the process of casting out demons as “deliverance.”
  8. His books include Securing the City, Summer of Deliverance, Expats, and With the Contras.
  9. Alice Arden, you little dream of the man and the route by which, possibly, deliverance is speeding to you.
  10. His first hard struggle for deliverance was coincident with his last hour of earthly peace.
  11. He saw Lettice and his cousin helping towards this exquisite deliverance somehow.
  12. I am bound to it for my life; it will take longer than a life to effect deliverance.
  13. So Planner spake, scarcely crediting his good fortune, and almost mad with joy at his deliverance.