abd 的定义


  1. Underneath my name, in black ballpoint pen, it says: Abd pain; Diff breathing; Inhalation.
  2. Abd Ar-Rahim al-Hammadi, who goes by the name Abu Omar, is the assistant headmaster at the school.
  3. Other officials in Yemen have expressed doubt as to whether Abd al-Raouf was even a member of AQAP.
  4. The intended target, an al Qaeda chief named Abd al-Raouf al-Dahab, was not in the vehicle.
  5. “If the regime is pushed into a corner, it will use chemical weapons,” says the captain, Abd al-Salam Ahmed Abdul Razek.
  6. Abd Allah was so pleased with this compliment that he ordered him a valuable present.
  7. "On my head and eyes;" and Abd el Aziz receiving a token from the Sultan, went out immediately to obey his orders.
  8. M. Thiers wrote to her from Florence that he was not satisfied with the treaty concluded with Abd-el-Kader.
  9. In 1848, Abd-el-Kadir and his numerous family occupied this suite.
  10. It was at this time that the world first heard of Abd-el-Kader.