abaya / əˈbeɪ yə /


abaya 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. aba.


  1. In spite of all these changes, the force of the state continued to impose the black abaya in public.
  2. The other change was in the symbolism of the abaya—its significance was no longer of a religious and social nature only.
  3. The black abaya and facial covering was imposed on all female government employees, and on schools and universities.
  4. The heavyset wife wears a black abaya, has facial tattoos and croaks harshly when she speaks.
  5. On asking the meaning of this occurrence, I was told that they were friends of Abaya and wished to talk with me.
  6. Abaya, nothing loth, hastened to execute the order, hunting up the Negrito and aiming a terrific blow at him.
  7. It inflicted a horrible wound, but he nevertheless ran away so fast that Abaya was unable to catch him and finish the job.
  8. Abaya was one of a few men in Apayao who dared to descend to the lowlands.