unbending / ʌnˈbɛn dɪŋ /


unbending 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. not bending or curving; inflexible; rigid.
  2. refusing to yield or compromise; resolute.
  3. austere or formal; aloof.

unbending 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective

rigid, tough


  1. Koop, a man of the far right, was standing tall and unbending.
  2. Ayalon himself told me in in October 2010 that zero-enrichment is an unbending Israeli red line.
  3. Now those positions are coming back to haunt him as Republican activists demand a candidate of unbending right-wing convictions.
  4. Washington, unbending in his role as the noblest republican of them all, administered a severe blow to imperial pride.
  5. In his own opinion no better agent could have been found in the rle of a stern, unbending republican and fiery Jacobin.
  6. There were no holidays in the term Joan had set for herself, no unbending, no relaxation from her books.
  7. He was unbending, hard, and lucid only when he spoke on some detail of business, or on some point of policy.
  8. Dumiger and Marguerite stood side by side, alarmed, but still unbending; and yet the man who spoke to them was of great power.
  9. As no one suffered inconvenience at his attitude, however, Shan Tien's expression assumed a more unbending cast.