togetherness / təˈgɛð ər nɪs /


togetherness 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. warm fellowship, as among members of a family.
  2. the quality, state, or condition of being together.

togetherness 近义词

n. 名词 noun

affectionate closeness


  1. That so many of us have striven to protect each other by giving up nearly a year of togetherness is right and good, but it should be recognized as a sacrifice.
  2. From Hallmark movies to endless holiday music playlists to ads showing families merrily gathering before the fire, we’re led to expect that the holidays will be filled with happiness and togetherness.
  3. College campuses aren’t meant for social distancing, they’re meant for togetherness.
  4. That sense of togetherness didn't emerge in the first 15 hours of Baldur's Gate 3—and maybe that matters more to me than to you, but I imagine I'm not alone in wanting a D&D quest to feel like a shared experience.
  5. Now we’re excited to plan for more us time, because when it comes to self-care, togetherness matters.
  6. The holidays are upon us, time for family, for love and pain, togetherness and loss.
  7. That is why I believe that you feel the value of this ethical and humane togetherness.
  8. And yet, what if the thing he wanted the most—which was the togetherness of his family—what if he lived, and they didn't?
  9. And it created a way for people to endure dark and difficult days with a sense of togetherness.
  10. No one was homeless or hungry here, and our community was built on togetherness and sharing.
  11. Theirs was a togetherness which accompanied them to the grave.
  12. She makes togetherness seem right, and God knows we have so many people today we're together whether we like it or not.
  13. A moment before, our togetherness had made me believe us so strong—and now I saw each alone—crushed—broken.
  14. I was so full of the joy of togetherness—the great wonder of the new world; it pressed on my heart like sorrow.
  15. Help the child to think of it as a day protected for the sake of family togetherness.