son of a bitch


son of a bitch2 个定义

n. 名词 noun

plural sons of bitches.

  1. a contemptible or thoroughly disagreeable person; scoundrel.
  2. a disagreeable matter; a chore.
interj. 感叹词 interjection

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  1. The use of slurs from both characters makes it clear just how “new” the idea of an openly gay son is even in this time.
  2. ROME — What does it take for a Hollywood A-lister to get a private audience with Pope Francis?
  3. This is a guy who has his son-in-law clean his eyeglasses, for crying out loud.
  4. Yes, Byrd—dead four-and-a-half years now—was a Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan.
  5. “They know there are drug spots,” said Wanda Williams, who was out for a walk with her son.
  6. Now-a-days it is the bankrupt who flouts, and his too confiding creditors who are jeered and laughed at.
  7. Elyon is the name of an ancient Phœnician god, slain by his son El, no doubt the “first-born of death” in Job xviii.
  8. My son,” said Grabantak one evening to Chingatok, “if we are henceforth to live in peace, why not unite and become one nation?
  9. Twice a year the formal invitation was sent out by the old nobleman to his only son, and to his two nephews.
  10. He felt himself the meanest, vilest thing a-crawl upon this sinful earth, and she—dear God!