safekeeping / ˈseɪfˈki pɪŋ /


safekeeping 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. the act of keeping safe or the state of being kept safe; protection; care; custody.

safekeeping 近义词

n. 名词 noun



  1. In Tennessee, for example, county administrators send people awaiting trial to the state prison because local jails are too crowded, under that state’s so-called safekeeping law.
  2. The Perseverance team will spend a bit of time imaging the contents and verifying that a sample is indeed inside, and then the rover will go ahead and stow the sample for safekeeping.
  3. This was material that was buried for safekeeping, almost like a safety deposit box that was never claimed.
  4. If the princes were quietly sent abroad for safekeeping, they probably resurfaced later, one at a time, to claim the throne.
  5. It never occurred to her that I fell into the books—that I put myself inside them for safekeeping.
  6. Caylee Anthony's skull and other artifacts were carefully gathered up for safekeeping until justice could be found.
  7. For safekeeping, Cage housed them at his Bel Air pad in museum-like glass cases.
  8. Juno had left these apples with the Hesperides for safekeeping.
  9. One leaves a mark with you for safekeeping and pays you a penny the year to guard it.
  10. His guards were opening the cell door when a second shock was felt and he was thrust into safekeeping with no ceremony.
  11. Everything was done up carefully and put away for safekeeping, as became a house that is to be long untenanted.
  12. It was his custom to carry in his blankets, for safekeeping, his long spyglass, a pair of dry moccasins and a buckskin tunic.