punch-drunk / ˈpʌntʃˌdrʌŋk /


punch-drunk 的定义

adj. 形容词 adjective
  1. having cerebral concussion caused by repeated blows to the head and consequently exhibiting unsteadiness of gait, hand tremors, slow muscular movement, hesitant speech, and dulled mentality.
  2. Informal. befuddled; dazed.

punch-drunk 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective



  1. Like Mike Tyson says, you have a great fight plan until you come out and take the first punch.
  2. “Ordinarily, you see punch-counterpunch-punch,” as the attacked party tries to fend off the intruder, the former official said.
  3. “You might as well punch yourself in the face,” he says when asked if he read about any of the controversy.
  4. And while all he says he has spoken to still believe the interrogations saved lives, he said the report was a punch in the gut.
  5. A squad soon arrived to take him away, and I saw the sergeant punch him in the face even though he went quietly.
  6. Never had Punch secured the telling of that tale with so little opposition.
  7. But Punch was five; and he knew that going to England would be much nicer than a trip to Nassick.
  8. Punch scratched himself in his sleep, and Judy moaned a little.
  9. At the end of the first day Punch demanded to be set down in England, which he was certain must be close at hand.
  10. "Yes," said Punch, lifted up in his father's arms to wave good-bye.