nook / nʊk /


nook 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a corner, as in a room.
  2. any secluded or obscure corner.
  3. any small recess: a breakfast nook.
  4. any remote or sheltered spot: a shady nook that was ideal for a picnic.

nook 近义词

n. 名词 noun

corner, cubbyhole


  1. Once an obscure nook in Washington’s regulatory labyrinth, CFIUS has grown dramatically in power and influence in recent years, as Congress beefed up its mandate as part of a technological arms race with China and other rivals.
  2. When stacked, these sturdy baskets can stand in any nook and corner in your home.
  3. That powdery material clung tightly to the nooks and crannies of a spacesuit’s fabric.
  4. As much as you’d love for every visitor to spend hours exploring every nook and cranny of your website, most will want to get on with their lives after they’ve found what they came for.
  5. Mobile apps have made inroads across all nooks and corners of our daily lives and enterprise operations.
  6. This little nook is the perfect spot for some quiet reading time or to let your imagination run wild.
  7. Swinging high in the air, squeezing into a nook, or rolling down a hill might provide these sorts of sensory input.
  8. Rawashda is holding his laptop as he points out every nook and cranny of his studio apartment.
  9. Unlike the three-walled sets of Hollywood soundstages, this is made for every nook and cranny to be filmed.
  10. Those scenes that are just in every nook and cranny at the Grand Ole Opry, that to me is the beauty of the show.
  11. He was eager to enter, to claim possession, to examine every nook and corner of his new home.
  12. Cheese is now eaten with apple puddings and pies; but is there any nook in England where they still grate it over plum pudding?
  13. He sought her in her favorite nook by the side of the La Belle, and there he found her gazing pensively into the water.
  14. As a trailer McFann had few equals, and he knew every swale in the prairie and every nook in the mountains on the reservation.
  15. She swept every nook and corner of the house, and longed to sweep the whole farm.