monolith / ˈmɒn ə lɪθ /


monolith 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. an obelisk, column, large statue, etc., formed of a single block of stone.
  2. a single block or piece of stone of considerable size, especially when used in architecture or sculpture.
  3. something having a uniform, massive, redoubtable, or inflexible quality or character.

monolith 近义词

n. 名词 noun

large monument

monolith 的近义词 7


  1. It’s been nearly a month since we last heard anything about the mysterious monolith in Lockhart Basin, Utah.
  2. Copycat monoliths showed up in Romania, California, and New Zealand, only to disappear soon after.
  3. If we’re going to be purists about pristine nature, then we’d do better to focus our ire on things like roads, mines, and, for that matter, national parks, which alter the landscape much more dramatically than this monolith.
  4. It was a simpler time back in October when Taboola and Outbrain announced plans to form a content recommendation monolith.
  5. We can’t treat even the Communist Party as a complete monolith.
  6. Abrams against harnessed that monolith them, the American Jewish leaders, whom Abrams presumed to speak for.
  7. The Palestinian monolith will never accept Israel, Romney's saying.
  8. With a computer that goes bad and the mystery of the monolith and the indescribable ending that nobody could understand.
  9. Hey, you remember that scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, where the monkeys were puzzling over the monolith?
  10. However, we need to recognize that Hamas is not an ideological monolith.
  11. The Seven Pagodas, specially so-called, are monolith temples, hewn on the spot out of massive blocks of rock.
  12. It had been shaped by Nature herself out of an immense monolith.
  13. Originally it was one hundred and ten feet long, and therefore the longest monolith ever quarried.
  14. The huge monolith rose some eight hundred feet above the tableland on which the village was built.
  15. A menhir is a rude monolith set up on end, a great single stone, the base of which is buried deep in the soil.