ineptitude / ɪnˈɛp tɪˌtud, -ˌtyud, ɪˈnɛp- /


ineptitude 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. quality or condition of being inept.
  2. an inept act or remark.

ineptitude 近义词

n. 名词 noun


ineptitude 的近义词 6
ineptitude 的反义词 1


  1. In a series of interviews, the most extensive since her termination, she described an agency mired in disorganization and ineptitude.
  2. Compound it with exorbitant contracts acquired to appease a departing star and an inflexible roster that doesn’t make sense without its centerpiece, and that’s how franchises get sentenced to ineptitude and irrelevance.
  3. That is often my initial assumption when I am accused of financial ineptitude.
  4. It was the latest example of my complete ineptitude at terrestrial ecology.
  5. Yet Barrios continues to show that his is not — either because he believes he is above the law, because of his own ineptitude, or both.
  6. This pile of garbage and ineptitude is heading in one direction—toward a long-term crisis very costly to all.
  7. These days we have no sense of when and how our current spate of bipartisan ineptitude will end.
  8. Make no mistake: Kerry's alleged ineptitude pales in comparison to the haplessness of the two principals.
  9. Limbaugh, for the record, thought Akin spoke with “glorious ineptitude.”
  10. Their ineptitude required the seaman to abandon his post at the tiller and man an oar himself.
  11. The seniors of our class are thoroughly reliable old fools, and Past Grand Masters in the art of ineptitude.
  12. Before Agamemnon thus displayed his ineptitude, as he often does later, Thersites had no chance.
  13. There were occasions indeed that could scarce be too cruel to punish properly certain examples of presumptuous ineptitude.
  14. Anything,—anything to assuage in him that sense of ineptitude, of being ignored, a titled nonentity!
  15. And it was the ineptitude of the administrative chiefs that made the militia at once ineffective and abhorred.