hot and bothered


hot and bothered 的定义

  1. In a state of agitated excitement, flustered, as in She was all hot and bothered before her big opening. [c. 1920]

hot and bothered 近义词

adj. 形容词 adjective


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  1. As an example of good science-and-society policymaking, the history of fluoride may be more of a cautionary tale.
  2. As this list shows, punishments typically run to a short-ish jail sentence and/or a moderately hefty fine.
  3. Gay marriage was the hot-button fight on the left and right.
  4. Everybody is trapped in an elevator together and tempers run a little hot.
  5. Even the hot Jewish women I mentioned above did something a bit more “intellectual” than pageantry: acting.
  6. In the drawing-room things went on much as they always do in country drawing-rooms in the hot weather.
  7. “You appear to feel it so,” rejoined Mr. Pickwick, smiling at the clerk, who was literally red-hot.
  8. She also practises etching, pen-and-ink drawing, as well as crayon and water-color sketching.
  9. Nearly half the regiment ran to secure their picketed horses, armed themselves in hot haste, and galloped to the gaol.
  10. News came that the rebels were plundering the British quarters, and the infantry went there in hot haste.