home plate


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  1. the base at which the batter stands and which a base runner must reach safely in order to score a run, typically a five-sided slab of whitened rubber set at ground level at the front corner of the diamond.

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n. 名词 noun

slab marking baseball home

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  1. When the pitcher hurls the ball at 96 miles per hour toward home plate, the batter doesn’t have enough time to wait for the ball to come close, consciously see it, and then prepare and execute the swing.
  2. Upon hearing this, the Gorillas hitter runs out of the batter’s box, chops down a gigantic tree, and lugs it back to home plate for a bat, his cigar dangling from his mouth.
  3. Instead, a box-shaped radar dish located above home plate sends pulses of radio waves toward the pitcher.
  4. So it calculated the strike zone where home plate used to be.
  5. The first suite level is 39 feet, 7 inches closer, and the closest seating behind home plate is 10 feet closer, just 42 feet from home plate.
  6. That officer fretting about his “stance,” we learn, is plagued by PTSD that cripples him both on the job and at home.
  7. So, Islamized teaching sends girls back home for marriage and housework, and remains exclusively for boys.
  8. Meanwhile, almost exactly 30 years after the trial, the judge left his home to board a steamboat and was never heard from again.
  9. The FBI raided his home in 2000 with an affidavit questioning his use of $200,000 from his white supremacist fundraising.
  10. Scalise spoke briefly, adding little of substance, saying that the people back home know him best.
  11. It was with a feeling of relief on both sides that the arrival of Mr. Haggard, of the Home Office, was announced.
  12. In the entrance hall of the Savoy, where large and lonely porters were dozing, he learnt that she was at home.
  13. I've never had time to write home about it, for I felt that it required a dissertation in itself to do it justice.
  14. Now and then the boy who had bought Squinty, and who was taking him home, would look around at his pet in the slatted box.
  15. "I suppose the man Alessandro has something he calls a home," said the Senora, regaining herself a little.