family tree


family tree 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a genealogical chart showing the ancestry, descent, and relationship of all members of a family or other genealogical group.

family tree 近义词

n. 名词 noun

genealogical chart

更多family tree例句

  1. A slightly sweeter, citrus-accented drink that prompts Tanqueray haters like myself to think twice about this liquor’s family tree.
  2. In recent decades, biologists have reconstructed great swaths of the family tree that relates all known organisms.
  3. Oregon had sequenced far less than us, but they had samples from all over the coronavirus family tree.
  4. We put any family documents or family tree information in desk drawers downstairs, to be dealt with later.
  5. In return for your $50 year-long donation, you will receive a monthly update on your whale, plus a family tree.
  6. Everywhere I go, ‘Hey Cartman, you must like Family Guy, right?’
  7. The third suspect, an 18-year-old named Hamyd Mourad, who turned himself in, is part of the same extended family.
  8. Saved from the public gallows, Weeks was virtually exiled from the city, and wound up in Mississippi, where he raised a family.
  9. A spokesman for Lewisham council said last year that it would be forced to act if the family returned to Britain.
  10. Three on-the-record stories from a family: a mother and her daughters who came from Phoenix.
  11. And that was that if he and his wife were to ever live together again and be happy, the family were to be kept out of it.
  12. “This house must have been the hotel of some distinguished family, Baron; it is nobly proportioned,” said David Arden.
  13. What course was taken to supply that assembly when any noble family became extinct?
  14. The pig family did not know when Squinty would be taken away from them, and all they could do was to wait.
  15. Mrs. Jolly Robin had often wished—when she was trying to feed a rapidly-growing family—that she could hunt forp.