dormitory / ˈdɔr mɪˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i /


dormitory 的定义

n. 名词 noun

plural dor·mi·to·ries.

  1. a building, as at a college, containing a number of private or semiprivate rooms for residents, usually along with common bathroom facilities and recreation areas.
  2. a room containing a number of beds and serving as communal sleeping quarters, as in an institution, fraternity house, or passenger ship.

dormitory 近义词

n. 名词 noun

living quarters

dormitory 的近义词 4


  1. He said dormitories at the 13,000-student school also weathered the challenge.
  2. Just as Shahra was preparing to build the farm—Sekaran left the company earlier this year—Singaporean officials discovered a cluster of covid-19 cases in one of the country’s cramped worker dormitories.
  3. The BIE, which serves about 8% of Native students across the country, directly operates about a third of the 180 schools and dormitories in its system.
  4. At the end of his workday, Suga returns to his quarters in a modest dormitory for legislators and, before turning in, does 100 more sit-ups.
  5. There was a classic study that took over an entire dormitory and tried to see who would become friends with whom.
  6. The dormitory has since been converted into a small chapel, filled with polished wooden stools and a statue of Mary in the corner.
  7. The one band that blasted out of dormitory windows onto grassy quadrangles in the snooty Northeast, no matter what, was REM.
  8. Ginsberg had become annoyed that the woman the university employed to clean dormitory rooms never washed the window in his room.
  9. Ironically, Dick Cheney lived in that same dormitory decades later.
  10. Some have even been at the dormitory during the fall term looking for him.
  11. She was speaking to Alicia Livingstone in the dormitory, changing at the same time for a "turn" at the hospital.
  12. Such was the temptation which assailed the other boys in dormitory Number 7; and Eric among the number.
  13. The first time that Eric heard indecent words in dormitory Number 7, he was shocked beyond bound or measure.
  14. Why, you must be the girl who wrote a picture play to help build a dormitory for your school!
  15. If the former erects a handsome dormitory, the latter must have one larger and finer.