country mile


country mile 的定义

n. 名词 noun


  1. a long distance: He can hit a baseball a country mile.

country mile 近义词

n. 名词 noun

long distance

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  1. In that country at that moment, the Catholics have practically disappeared.
  2. Elsewhere, courts throughout the country have placed limits on speech this year.
  3. “This is a federal mandate that is causing some real problems for schools across the country,” Kline told a CBS affiliate in July.
  4. Charles “Father” Coughlin, a raving anti-Semite, was one of the most popular radio hosts in the country.
  5. It marked a groundbreaking moment in how the country viewed Jews, especially Jewish women.
  6. What need to look to right or left when you are swallowing up free mile after mile of dizzying road?
  7. The country is well inhabited, for it contains fifty-one cities, near a hundred walled towns, and a great number of villages.
  8. In the drawing-room things went on much as they always do in country drawing-rooms in the hot weather.
  9. Nothing remarkable occurred in our march through this country.
  10. There are some folk in this country, you know, who manifest a very retiring disposition at times.