blitzkrieg / ˈblɪtsˌkrig /


blitzkrieg 的定义

blitzkrieg 近义词

n. 名词 noun


blitzkrieg 的近义词 8
blitzkrieg 的反义词 2


  1. There is no doubt that such sales increase revenue for the likes of Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart—even if it is mostly owing to the marketing blitzkrieg that hoodwinks consumers into spending big for small savings.
  2. It’s akin to a blitzkrieg of fast and furious digital action, forcing one’s eyes to dart around the frame in sync with Amy’s conduct.
  3. This mood only began to change after the Nazi blitzkrieg of Poland drew Britain into the Second World War.
  4. Fueled by atrocity and a blitzkrieg of gains in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State has enjoyed a meteoric climb to notoriety.
  5. Unfortunately, in Western and especially U.S. media, there has been a recent blitzkrieg of Putin-as-Hitler comparisons.
  6. Obama and Hitler use the ‘blitzkrieg’ method to overwhelm their enemies.
  7. Or, in Professor Gates' case, I can't decide whether to politely ask you to leave my house, or threaten to blitzkrieg your career.
  8. The shortcomings of Blitzkrieg ironically rest in its strengths.