belt-tightening / ˈbɛltˌtaɪt n ɪŋ /


belt-tightening 的定义

n. 名词 noun
  1. a curtailment in spending; period of economizing: The mayor ordered a belt-tightening for all city offices.

belt-tightening 近义词


等同于 cutback

belt-tightening 的近义词 9
belt-tightening 的反义词 2


  1. They want to change bad behaviors—tobacco, alcohol, using a seat belt, anything.
  2. After tightening her collar, Stella assumed slave posture: on her knees, legs slightly spread, palm resting face-up on her thighs.
  3. Now they are a notch on a belt, and the savior can feel good about themselves.
  4. Det. 2: No, not your belt . . . . Remember being out in the sunroom, the room that sits out to the back of the house?
  5. Not long after, a 10-year-old girl wearing a suicide belt was arrested.
  6. His boyish suspenders had been put away in favor of a belt, which was tight-drawn about his slim waist.
  7. He reached down inside my shirt, with a none too gentle hand, and relieved me of the belt that held the money.
  8. Just smiled, a sardonic sort of grimace, and unbuckled his belt and handed it over without a word.
  9. He put his hand to his belt, screwed up his mug, and said he felt plumb et up inside.
  10. A millionaire might offer more for a life belt as a souvenir than a drowning man could pay for it to save his life.