abbacy / ˈæb ə si /


abbacy 的定义

n. 名词 noun

plural ab·ba·cies.

  1. the rank, rights, privileges, or jurisdiction of an abbot.
  2. the term of office of an abbot.


  1. Robert Ramsey succeeded to the abbacy in 1346, but of him nothing particular is recorded.
  2. Falling into disgrace at court, he was banished to the abbacy of Bonport.
  3. "Thou givest the abbacy to him above us all," said Brenainn.
  4. And then were the charters of the King concerning the gift of the abbacy produced and read in full audience.
  5. The tower was built by Clement Lichfield in the last years of his abbacy, and hardly finished at his resignation in 1539.