abba-dabba / ˌæb əˈdæb ə /


abba-dabba 的定义

n. 名词 noun


  1. a person or thing of little importance.


  1. Plus, she managed to find raw emotion in an Abba song—no easy feat.
  2. Abba Eban famously quipped that the Palestinians never miss a chance to miss a chance.
  3. He was in one aisle, the Israeli statesman Abba Eban was in another, and I was moving between the two.
  4. Nevertheless, this modern Stone Age family makes watching the next commercial a Yabba Dabba Do!
  5. And of ABBA's four members, just two showed up to be presented with their awards from Barry and Robin Gibb.
  6. The Spirit intercedes for us not in many words or long prayers, but with groanings, with little sounds like "Abba."
  7. This one little word "Abba" surpasses the eloquence of a Demosthenes and a Cicero.
  8. Its most northern extremity, the summit of Abba Yared, is fifteen thousand feet high.
  9. Abba-Areka had been commanded to control the prices of the market, and to prevent the necessaries of life from becoming too dear.
  10. Twelve hundred disciples, attracted by Abba-Areka's reputation, flocked together from every district of Babylonia.