abatis / ˈæb əˌti, -tɪs, əˈbæt i, əˈbæt ɪs /


abatis 的定义

n. 名词 noun

plural ab·a·tis [ab-uh-teez, uh-bat-eez], /ˈæb əˌtiz, əˈbæt iz/, ab·a·tis·es [ab-uh-tis-iz, uh-bat-uh-siz]. /ˈæb əˌtɪs ɪz, əˈbæt ə sɪz/.

  1. an obstacle or barricade of trees with bent or sharpened branches directed toward an enemy.
  2. a barbed wire entanglement used as an obstacle or barricade against an enemy.


  1. Just in front of the abatis there was open ground for perhaps two hundred yards.
  2. One man in the trench was killed by this shot, and the others ran back to the abatis.
  3. The axemen rushed across the open and soon the thuds of their axes told of the cutting away of the abatis.
  4. Note the abatis to the right of the picture, the wagons moving and ready to move in the background, and the artillery on the left.
  5. Abatis, beswept by those ten Brummers and other Batteries, till bullet and bayonet can act on it, speedily gives way.