abat-jour / ˌɑ bɑˈʒʊər; French a baˈʒur /


abat-jour 的定义

n. 名词 noun

plural a·bat-jours [ah-bah-zhoorz; French a-ba-zhoor]. /ˌɑ bɑˈʒʊərz; French a baˈʒur/.

  1. a device, as a skylight or reflector, for diverting light into a building.
  2. a sloping screen for cutting off the view between an interior or porch and a lower area in front of a building.


  1. Serious foodies can indulge in a high-end, three-course Chef Du Jour meal served inside an air-conditioned tent ($45 per person).
  2. What about workplace flexibility, the answer du jour to the wage gap?
  3. They have dutifully competed for federal grants and aligned their visions and strategies to the federal focus du jour.
  4. Reichert  is comparing her book to that of high class call girl Belle Du Jour, according to MailOnline.
  5. Avant Garde became the font du jour and Helvetica continued its ride to the top.
  6. Celuy-cy avoit souvent esvad le danger d'estre noy, et tout fraischement le beau jour de la Pentecoste dernire.
  7. Le jour suyvant, j'allay visiter les Sauvages, et y fis mon accoustum, ainsy qu j'ay dict de Kinibqui.
  8. Et ce jusques au temps & terme de six ans finis & accomplis, cpter du jour que ledit livre sera achev d'imprimer.
  9. After a few days we became still better acquainted, and she would say, "Bon jour, madame!"
  10. But before you attempt the human figure in the open air, you will find it very good study to work in the house contre jour.